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Often we ignore what’s right in front of us in pursuit of something insignificant? Think about it — what matters to you? What makes you wake up and create every day? That’s the question.

In this edition:

  • Julia Child on making an impact
  • Jack Butcher: how he made 1M in 18 months
  • Instagram introduces an algorithm-free feed
  • Mr Beast x Village Cooking

Julia Child on Making An Impact

Books were written, movies and documentaries were made on legendary writer, cook, and TV personality Julia Child. Known for introducing the French cuisine to the Americans — Julia didn’t start out as a cook. She dabbled in various professions, including fashion writing and reporting before she found her calling.

Something that she said about how one can influence people stayed with us.

Psst. for those interested (and haven’t watched yet), Meryl Streep played Julia’s role in Julie & Julia, streaming on Netflix.

How Jack Butcher Made $1M In 18 Months

Believe it or not — founder of Visualize Value, Jack Butcher, has made about $1M in under 18 months! Visualize Value is a media company that is known for simplifying complicated ideas into black and white visualisations.

Jack keeps it minimalistic for anyone to decipher them!

We’ve demystified Jack Butcher’s journey and growth hack into a Twitter thread for you.

The Awesome Story of Jack and Visualize Value

Instagram Introduced An Algorithm-Free Feed

While this piece of news doesn’t come as a surprise, it made us go: what just happened, folks? Here’s how this will work: users will have the option to add ‘favourites’ and ‘following’ lists, and about 50 accounts can be added to the lists.

For those who’ve been missing out on the updates of their favourite influencers or friends, this pretty much fixes the issue.

What this also means is that posts will appear in a chronological order, so we’ll get updates as and when they’re posted. However, Instagram argues that its algorithm is what boosts user engagement and visibility for its users — several users say otherwise. We’ve certainly noticed a dip in the engagement whenever the algorithm is tweaked; besides, Instagram is a significant livelihood for many creators that rely on the platform for scoring brand deals and sponsorships.

Now that as users we have more control over our feed and interactions, let’s wait and watch how this pans out.

You can read more about this announcement here.

Why A 75-year-old Indian Man Is The Next Mr Beast

We’re all familiar with Mr Beast, but have you heard of Village Cooking Channel? The face of this channel is a 75-year-old man, who cooks with his family in large quantities and feeds the underprivileged.

When you watch his videos, you can’t stop drawing parallels with Mr Beast, who is known for his philanthropy.

We’ve made a video on this that you can check out here. 👇🏼

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