It doesn’t matter how old we get, good stories never get fact, they are gold. Whether it’s a Twitter thread, a movie, a book or a spoken word poetry — stories are found in every nook and corner. Why do we then go looking for them in only one medium? Or even worse, tell them through one medium or lens?

Worth thinking about, right?

On that note, let’s start today’s Going Solo:

  • James Cameron on becoming a filmmaker
  • How Danny Miranda became a leading podcaster
  • Instagram to introduce a full-screen feed
  • The real cost of being a food influencer

James Cameron on Becoming a Filmmaker

From crafting characters and world-building to writing immersive moments and larger-than-life imagination — we can learn a lot from James Cameron’s movies. And himself. He graduated with a major in physics and worked as a truck driver, machinist etc., before joining production houses. It was Star Wars that inspired him to make movies. For those keen on getting started without any experience or background in what they’re keen on pursuing, Cameron’s life can bestow many aha moments! 🤸🏼‍♀️

This advice from James Cameron is quite spot-on for anyone who wants to get started in their niche. 👇🏼

How Danny Miranda Became the World’s Leading Podcaster

The host of The Danny Miranda Podcast was only 13 when he started creating content. His podcast has 200+ episodes and is in the top 1% global podcasts. 😱

His podcast has featured guests like David Perell, Gary Vee, Tej Dosa, Colin & Samir, etc. and apart from the podcast, he also writes a newsletter and is currently building a podcast for Lucky Trader.

We wrote a Twitter thread about his journey that you can check out. 👇🏼

A Writer Turned World’s Leading Podcaster

Instagram to Introduce a Full-screen Feed

We’ll be honest — we really don’t know how we feel about this feature. Resembling TikTok’s full-screen home feed, this feature will prioritise reels over everything else. While TikTok is one of the highest-downloaded apps across the world, Meta’s Q1 2022 earnings report states that users spend about 20 per cent of time on Instagram on Reels. So, it’s natural that Instagram would consider what’s best for video content.

But what does this mean for creators who largely rely on images? Photographers, writers, or painters, for instance? Earlier this month, Instagram announced it is enabling creators to share NFTs, which is being tested with a small group of US creators.

Also, here’s what Adam Mosseri had to say about the update.👇🏼

Watch it here.

Of course Instagram is going beyond a traditional photo-sharing platform, but it does look like it’s pushing creators also to go beyond photos. Will this create chaos or force Instagram creators to look for other platforms? We’ve got to wait and watch.

More on this: Instagram is testing a TikTok like feed

The Real Cost of Being a Food Influencer

Are influencers eating out every day? — we often discuss with our friends in hushed voices. How is it healthy and how are they managing the expenses?

Unlike influencers who write and perform, review or react — food influencing is about going a notch up and above, and let’s be honest, it’s not easy eating out or ordering in regularly. But that’s the only way they can stay in the game. Thousands of influencers who started with just a blog or Instagram page to post photos of their meals are now earning six figures, but at what cost?

Eater writes a great article that you shouldn’t miss out reading. 👇🏼

Never Ask a Food Influencer to Pick Up the Tab

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