If we were to ask you to name one thing that motivates you to create, what would it be?

Writers, painters, photographers, digital artists, and thousands of creators across the world create for various reasons. But one thing that binds us all is finding respite in the craft.

Today, we’ll talk about creativity and the jazz that accompanies it.

In this edition 📜

  • Ken Robinson on being original
  • Anne-Laure Le Cunff’s journey debunked
  • How TikTok is boosting book sales
  • Content creator Katie Steckly on burnout

Ken Robinson on Originality

It’s no surprise that we’re all afraid of making mistakes. Will they set us back on our paths or will they haunt us forever? When we’re learning and experimenting with something new, we’re bound to fail. But that’s how we find our niche and voice.

British author and teacher Ken Robinson has a few wise words on originality. 👇🏼

Googler to Productivity Writer & Founder: Anne-Laure Le Cunff’s Journey Explained

Anne Laure Le Cunff’s journey has always been about prioritizing mental health and enabling that for others! She worked in Google’s Digital Health team and quit her job when she faced a burnout; later she joined a startup and had to relinquish it when the second burnout struck.

That’s when she realized she had to conjure a tangible solution.

She went back to school to study MSc in Neuroscience and floated Ness Labs, which was only a blog then. From writing about her learnings to helping individuals tap into their potential — Ness Labs grew into what it is today — a flourishing community. 💯

Later Anne diversified her content into ebooks, newsletters, and a YouTube channel. We’ve demystified her journey in a Twitter thread for you. 👇🏼

How Anne Pivoted & Built Ness Labs

TikTok is Boosting Book Sales

Best of both worlds! Social media is often considered a book’s biggest foe — but TikTok (or should we say BookTok?) is changing this narrative. While TikTok users are discovering great titles, bookstores themselves have introduced a ‘BookTok Made Me Buy It’ section.

According to We Forum, US readers bought 825 million print books in 2021, setting the highest record since 2004. What’s interesting is that even Will Smith jumped into this trend and shared his reads. 📚

To know more about this, read: How TikTok Helped Propel Book Sales

How Katie Steckly Battled Burnout as a Content Creator

One of the biggest banes of being a content creator is the burnout. Creators are always going solo and managing a hundred different things alone. It’s never easy and burnouts are always knocking at the door.

Katie runs ‘Creator Club’, a podcast that offers insightful advice on content creation and strategy; she has about 144K YouTube subscribers and 29K Instagram followers. Managing different avenues took a toll on her, and in👇🏼 video, she talks about recovering from a burnout.

Things like finding new hobbies unrelated to her job, reclaiming her social life and connecting with her friends, and taking breaks helped her bounce back from the rock bottom.

What are your methods on beating burnouts?

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