Now that we’ve entered 2023, what does the new year look like? Have you made any grand plans or do you intend to make small goals and achieve them?

We’re all about baby steps and small goals. Tell us what you’ve got in store for 2023. 🎉

But before that, here’s a round-up of all that’s brewing in the creator economy this week.

In today’s Going Solo

  • Ethan Hawke on creativity
  • Discover a new creator: Jon-Paul Wheatley
  • New legal changes might impact creators in 2023
  • Every “chronically online” conversation is the same

Ethan Hawke on creativity

Give yourself permission to be creative is what Ethan Hawke says!

In one of these beautiful TED conversations, you’ll find Ethan reflecting on his journey and how we all need to permit ourselves to be creative. To make art.

Watch the video here (if you haven’t yet). 👇

Have You Heard of Jon Paul Balls?

Some creators are insanely good! 🔥

Their videos and creations are so interesting that you’ll learn plenty from them. Our new Reel series — Thousand Faces — helps you discover such creators.

We discuss Jon-Paul Wheatley, who is one of the coolest creators we've come across — he makes balls & is known for some of the rarest footballs. He is known for custom balls and recreating them on video. ⚽

We've just made a video on JonPaulsBalls and what makes him so cool. �

2022 was some year! Especially for the creator economy. And you might assume 2023 will be a rollercoaster — a ball of a ride. Not quite true, apparently. As the passion economy grows, more systems will come in place, and legal changes are one of the firsts.

From subscriptions to licensing, a lot will be streamlined or made transparent. Here’s what you should know about this.

Every Chronically Online Conversation is the Same by Rebecca Jennings

Is the internet a truly toxic place? While the naysayers might not have it, some surely get attacked for no reason. That’s precisely the starting point for this compelling piece by Rebecca Jennings, where she writes about online conversations

Check out the entire piece here. 👇

Every “chronically online” conversation is the same
At what point does discourse become punishment?

🔥 What Else Is Brewing?

  • Twitter now allows longer videos, and most creators now are using this to their advantage. Are videos the new threads on Twitter? Only time will tell but Twitter thinks videos are crucial for the platform. More deets here.
  • BookTok isn’t seeing an end — instead it’s shaping the future of 2023. Here’s what BookTok has in store for us in 2023.
  • Did you know you could get newsletter subscribers through The Sample? Yup, this platform accepts newsletter submissions and forwards them to readers similar to your target audience. Of course, they do paid ads too! Check out The Sample here.

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