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Do you all remember what’s the first storybook you’ve read? The firsts are always the most memorable — surely we all remember our first creation a lot more than our subsequent creations. Not because they’ve gone viral; despite the low numbers, we perhaps remember them because that’s when we got started.

And as we all know — getting started >>>>>>>>>>>

On that note, let’s start today with ‘getting started’.

In this edition:

  • AA Patawaran on getting started
  • Creator Money: Ishan Sharma’s Revenue Streams
  • Twitter to introduce Tweet Awards
  • Anne-Laure Le Cunff On Balancing Inner Child & Critic

AA Patawaran on Getting Started

Author, writer, and lifestyle editor AA Patawaran is someone with great advice on creative writing and inspiration. His book Write Here Write Now: Standing at Attention Before My Imaginary Style Dictator offers practical tips and stories from his experience as a writer and editor. What’s great is it could be a playbook for any creator out there.

One advice from the book is a key take-home for us. 👇🏼

YouTube Creator Ishan Sharma’s Income Streams

YouTube content creator Ishan Sharma might have just entered his twenties, but his content creation game is 🔥.

This BITS Goa engineering student has about 377K subscribers on YouTube and his videos like ‘How TikTok Killed Facebook’, ‘Metaverse: The Most Evil Business in the World’, and on wide range of topics like coding, freelancing, businesses, and products make for immersive watches.

In 2021, he made about INR 87,88,502 through various avenues. We’ve visualised it for your understanding. 👇🏼

We regular post #CreatorMoney updates to help other creators understand the magnanimity of the economy. You can check it out here.

OMG! Is Twitter Introducing Tweet Awards?

If you thought your viral tweets are going nowhere, here’s something that may cheer you up — Twitter is experimenting with Tweet Awards.

Well, what does this mean? For one thing, it may work a lot like Reddit Coins where communities or users can award you gold/coins. Twitter has already introduced quite a few features to empower creators, but this surely looks interesting.

The next time you tweet something witty, remember an internet friend might thank you in..erm, gold.

Anne-Laure Le Cunff On Balancing Inner Child & Critic

If we could say one thing about Anne-Laure’s writing, it’s that you’ll often find us reaching out for her pieces on Ness Labs whenever we feel a bit lost.

As we grow older, we tend to lose the childlike curiosity that once existed in us — oftentimes, we make peace with not seeking answers to something. Can this hinder our creative growth? Fo sho! There’s very little creative progress when we stop wondering and questioning; perhaps, that’s why an artist’s heart and soul are often compared with that of a child.

Balancing the inner child and inner critic doesn’t come easy, and Anne emphasises on reflections instead of criticism. This piece is an essential read for every artist who’s at the crossroad of battling inner child and critic.

Inner Child & Inner Critic: A Battle for Creativity

That’s all for now!

Team Thousand Faces will be back with more fun stories next week. 👋🏼

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