Well, this has been an eventful week! ✨

Grapevine has it that TikTok is launching a GPT-powered chatbot..does this news excite you?

At this point, we're like: bring it on! Everything GPT, bring it on.

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  • Quote of the week: Josh Linkner on disruptors
  • News that caught our eye: TikTok is working on a GPT-powered chatbot
  • Meet the influencer by Rest of World: How Tayo Aina is making a difference

Why Disruptors Are Change Makers

Entrepreneur and writer of Big Little Breakthroughs, Disciplined Dreaming, Josh Linkner, is all about inspiring individuals to achieve their human potential. His keynotes are about finding frameworks for innovation and driving results without burning oneself out.

Here's what he says about disruptors (which we think applies to all creators beating against the shore).👇

Discover more about Josh here.

TikTok to Launch a GPT-powered Chatbot

This is just getting so interesting! 🔥

This chatbot is named as Tako, and it's still in testing. Tako will pretty much be your content discovery assistant — meaning, it'll answer all your questions related to the video you're watching.

According to TechCrunch, “The bot was discovered being publicly tested by app intelligence firm Watchful.ai, and TikTok confirmed the tests are now live.”

The same article also states that the bot will not appear on minors' accounts.

Read more about it here. 👇

TikTok is testing an in-app AI chatbot called ‘Tako’
TikTok is testing an AI chatbotl. Called “Tako,” the bot will appear on the right-hand side of the TikTok interface.

This Nigerian YouTuber Is Making a Difference With His Stories - Rest of World

Nigerian YouTuber Tayo Aina has about 604K subscribers and travels across Nigeria, documenting people and places. He says he shares stories that matter.

Rest of World did a feature with him, talking about his journey: from being an Uber driver to starting a YouTube channel.

It carries a conversation with Tayo, and what he plans to achieve in the future. Read the entire conversation. 👇

Meet the Nigerian YouTuber bringing a positive lens to African stories
With 600,000 subscribers, Tayo Aina is one of Africa’s most prominent creators.

🔥 What Else Is Brewing?

  • For the Pride Month, TikTok has planned quite a bit. Check out the updates here.
  • Is Crunch Labs hosting a summer camp? Gosh, we wish we were kids! Check out the announcement here.
  • Chipotle is really going big with its Super Ultra Combo Week. They’ve partnered with 89 influencers for this. Read more about it here.

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