T’is the season — with the gloomy monsoon here, how are you getting any work done? It’s a million-dollar dilemma, and we’re truly struggling to focus. Got any thoughts? Let us know. 🤔

On that note, we’ll start our weekly round-up of happenings in the creator economy in today’s Going Solo with:

  • Anne Lamott on perfectionism
  • Tanmay Bhatt’s journey
  • Twitter launches long-form writing
  • Bill Murray is making NFTs on his life
  • New video: what makes a creator successful

Anne Lamott on Perfection

Senior writer and novelist Anne Lamott’s writing is a force to reckon with! Her advice for young writers and creators will leave you with solid chunks of wisdom while also holding space for you to unlearn and create.

Her book Bird by Bird is perhaps one of the best books you can grab for advice on writing, nurturing discipline, and fostering courage to create. It offers some realistic guidance, too. Her thoughts on perfection are as true as they get. 👇

You can grab a copy of Bird by Bird here.

Tanmay Bhat’s Journey to Fame

For years, we’ve all been watching Tanmay Bhat write and perform comedy, make ads, and now, turn into an angel investor.

What’s interesting is his journey — did you know he started performing from school? Yup! Throughout his life, he has experimented with various content formats and challenged himself to do something different with everything he picked.

We wrote about his phenomenal journey in a Twitter thread that you can check out. 👇

Tanmay’s Journey to Fame

Twitter Launches Notes for Long-form Writing

There’s no denying that long-form writing is here to stay! What’s the proof? Well, the micro-blogging platform ‘Twitter’ introduces Notes, its long-form writing feature. If you’ve already checked out Notes, you know how it resembles a conventional blogging platform’s UI. ✍️

Twitter has already roped in a small group of writers to beta-test this feature, which allows them to click on the ‘Write’ feature right from the menu. From setting a header image and title to adding a custom URL, writers can do plenty and publish posts up to 2,500 words. Plus, non-Twitter users can also read these posts.

Know more about it here.

Bill Murray is Making NFTs about His Life

...and we've got a good feeling about them!

71-year-old actor, Bill Murray, is creating NFTs about his life, and whether someone’s an NFT junkie or not — they’re all ears. Because, well, Murray has got our attention.

Photo Source: The Chive

According to Decrypt, “each NFT is based on a single original painting of Murray by David Grizzle and then given unique backgrounds and flourishes to set them apart from each other. But beyond the art itself, each NFT tells one of the stories with text and imagery.”

Unlike the cookie-cutter celebrity NFTs, Murray is doing something different. He insists on telling diverse stories that revolve around his life, filmography, and fan interactions.

Watch the trailer here.

And, read the full article here. 🕺

New Video Drop

In our latest Frontrunners Show, our host Dharmesh Ba caught up with Pawan Rochwani, who’s leading community & partnerships for Pepper Content.

We spoke about the creator economy, the importance of community, and what makes a creator successful.

Watch the entire conversation. 👇

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