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Whether you’re a creator or not, we’re sure stories and creators making a difference can shake and stir your lives. In today’s Going Solo (our Friday newsletter), we’re offering you a slice of advice and goodness.

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  • Advice from David Perell
  • Polina Marinova’s journey
  • YouTube to introduce NFTs
  • Conversations on Stolen Focus

David Perell on getting better at your craft

Podcaster, writer, coach, founder of a writing school, Write of Passage, David Perell always has great insights on improving writing and reading habits. Whether he’s writing or tweeting — his thoughts are honest and implore the readers to learn and stay curious.

One such thought that struck a chord is his advice on writing, which we can apply to any form of craft. 🧗🏼‍♀️

Polina Marinova: How this writer gained 1000s of paid subscribers

Polina Marinova is someone writers and folks in the media industry look up to! A go-getter for all intents and purposes — Polina started building her Substack while still working a full-time job at The Fortune Mag. It may have taken her 2 years to gain 5K followers, but she gained her next 5K followers in just 90 days.

Polina prioritizes consistency, and her growth story is so incredible and yet grounding that even Dwayne Jonson tweeted about her. Really, what?

As stoked as we are with her story, we’re also bringing it to your attention. Here’s a Twitter thread you should check out to learn her story. 👇🏼

Polina Pompliano’s Story

YouTube to launch creator-friendly features, including NFTs

It doesn’t come as a surprise to us as YouTube has always been creator-centric and is quick to introduce a slew of features to help creators on its platform to experiment and monetize.

YouTube’s Chief Product Officer, Neal Mohan, announced officially that creators can sell their video content as NFTs. Other great features include collaborative live streaming, editing tools, channel memberships, super chats, shoppable videos etc.

2022 surely looks smashing for creators, isn’t it?

VOX conversations on our attention span

As much as we love the internet, we have to admit it’s one of the reasons why we’re always distracted. The dipping attention span makes it increasingly difficult for most of us to get through a book, podcast, or even a conversation.

Talking about Stolen Focus — Johann Hari (a British-Swiss writer and published author) has a conversation with Sean Illing from Vox to decode why we can’t pay attention anymore. This immersive conversation also discusses our sleep cycles and social media.

You can read or listen to the conversation here: Why You Probably Won’t Finish Reading this Story

We’ll be back with more stories next Friday.

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