When people say the creator economy is the fastest moving space, you know they’re not lying. According to a HubSpot study, the global influencer marketing industry is predicted to surpass $16B in 2022. As per SignalFire, about 50 million people globally will consider themselves as creators. This growing popularity also explains why kids now want to grow up and become a YouTuber. In fact, content creator is a more popular profession than astronauts. Makes you think, isn’t it?

You get the drift — despite a young economy, it’s burgeoning. The only way to stay updated with all the trends and developments is by following these publications. 👇🏼

The Publish Press: Colin & Samir’s Publish Press is one of our preferred newsletters for all the global updates on creator economy. Whether it’s pop culture or influencer developments, we love how lucid their takes are. In fact, they cover a wide range of subjects, including fashion, investments, entrepreneurship, and social media.

Written by the team, The Publish Press is free and drops its editions on Tuesday and Friday. You can also grab the latest press-worthy information and any hiring opportunities.

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Social Media Today: Social Media Today happens to be our go-to platform on everything social media. Whether you’re interested in the latest deets on Instagram or intend to pick tips on social strategy, SMT is a great learning ground.

Apart from having an exhaustive site, Social Media Today also sends out a free daily newsletter with strategy, latest news, and articles written by SMT’s community. Totally recommend signing up for it.

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Like. Share. Subscribe: Mint’s weekly newsletter Like. Share. Subscribe by Shephali Bhatt is something we look forward to! From in-depth analysis on creator economy to bizarre internet trends, this newsletter offers a glimpse of India’s creator economy. Launched earlier this year, Shephali also makes a compelling case for why we should read it.

This is a paid newsletter, with the subscription at INR 213 upwards monthly. Get a preview here and subscribe here.

Creator Economy by Peter Yang: Peter Yang’s newsletter is one of the best analysis newsletters out there. Straight-forward but loaded with information, you can expect how-to guides, starting out with NFTs and crypto, the future of web3 and communities. Sit down to read it and you’ll find yourself spending longer than you intend to — yup, that’s the level of information you find here.

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Geek Out: Run by Matt Navara, an insanely popular social media consultant — Geek Out is a super useful newsletter for those working in social media. But we love the copy so much that we think all social media folks and writers should get a slice of this. Geek Out also has a community on Twitter where you can discover news on creator economy. If you want to follow only one newsletter for all things social media, content, and web3, let it be this. Plus, it’s a free one.

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Li Jin’s Newsletter: For those looking for an in-depth analysis and opinions on the creator economy or the ownership economy, Li Jin’s newsletter is a treasure pot. As someone active in taking the passion economy forward, you get great insights from Li. She also collaborates with other subject matter experts to write immersive pieces, but the only caveat is it’s a periodical newsletter that Li drops whenever she finds time to write.

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Thousand Faces Club: We’re allowed to do a teeny-weeny plug-in, isn’t it? We’re Thousand Faces Club, a YC for content creators and we publish two newsletters every week. Morning Rush, sent on Tuesdays, is where you’ll find our analysis, interviews with content creators, and stories from across the internet. And Going Solo, sent on Fridays, is where you get snippets of all things brewing in the creator economy, advice from creators, and stuff to read.

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