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In today’s Going Solo

  • Tom Kelley on genius ideas
  • Discover a new creator: Namrata Kumar
  • Twitter announces an edit tweet feature
  • How I accidentally broke my doomscrolling habit

Tom Kelley on Genius Ideas

Known for the books Creative Confidence, The Art of Innovation, and The Ten Faces of InnovationTom Kelley’s writing urges you to put your raw creations out there. He is a writer and innovation speaker who inspires thousands of leaders and beginners.

These lines from Creative Confidence remind us how it takes several misfires and hurdles to make one genius idea work. 👇🏼

Check out the book here.

Discover a New Creator: Namrata Kumar

When we first discovered Namrata Kumar on Instagram, we instantly fell in love with her art. An artist and graphic designer whose art is largely inspired by the surroundings, her paintings are about sprawling fields, lively humans enjoying a slice of life, and spaces with books and sunlight streaming in.

If there's one artist you must check out today, let it be her. And oh, she also has an online store you can shop prints and tote bags from!

Namrata Kumar’s Store

Did Twitter Just Announce an ‘Edit Tweet’ Feature? 😱

Ugh, didn’t want this feature to ever arrive. But we guess it was meant to happen. 🙄

This is a paid feature available only to those who pay for Twitter Blue, which is about $5 monthly. Plus, you can edit your tweets within 30 minutes of posting them — guess we can’t time travel to edit some embarrassing stuff. Good thing, then!

We don’t know how you feel about this feature, but we're glad we can fix our typos quickly.

Get more deets here.

How I Accidentally Broke My Doomscrolling Habit

Doom scrolling has ruined our sleep and mental health — let’s be honest. There’s no other way of looking at it, but for the internet generation, quitting this habit isn’t easy.

Or so we thought.

Till we accidentally stumbled upon this article by Swapna Krishna, who accidentally broke the habit of doom scrolling. Check out how she broke that habit with mobile games. 👇🏼

How I Accidentally Broke My Doomscrolling Habit

🔥 What Else is Brewing in the Creator Economy?

  1. You can now tweet to a limited group of people with Twitter’s new feature, Twitter Circles. Read up about it here.
  2. What lengths do people go to for Instagram-verified badges? You’ll know all about it in this essay.
  3. YouTube is now experimenting with a new tab for promotions, simplifying sponsored content and promotions for creators. Get more details here.
  4. Substack introduces audio paywall, subscriptions & threads. Here’s everything you should know.

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