You know when we hear stories about writers who are making quite a fortune, it makes us happy. For years, writers weren’t able to seamlessly monetise or build empires — but thanks to the internet, things are quickly changing. Let’s take Sam Parr for instance — an entrepreneur who started with a blog and founded The Hustle which he sold to HubSpot. Before selling The Hustle to HubSpot, Sam led a fascinating life, and some of his early ventures involve running a hot dog stand and an online liquor store.

Today, we’re bringing your way our conversation with Sam Parr.

What Do We Know About Sam Parr?

Now, let’s dive into the conversation. 👇🏼

Thousand Faces Club: Creators have a childhood that often sparks their future dreams! What was your childhood like, and do you remember any instances that set you on this path?

Sam Parr: I got into trouble frequently because of curiosity. I'd ask my parents' friends about their earnings or how they were able to afford certain cars. I didn't care about making money, but I cared about the mechanics of being great. For instance, I ran track and field, and if I met a good runner, I used to be curious about their workout, diet, workout hours, or how much weight they lift while running. I'd ask specific questions. I was always fascinated by the things around me — from the invention of air conditioners to architecture. My fascination led me to understand that in a business, you can make something at a lower price and sell it at a higher price.

Thousand Faces Club: How did you start blogging?

Sam: When I moved schools, I transferred credits, but I was annoyed when the college made me enrol in expensive physical education classes. I blogged about that situation and the loopholes around it. Those were some of my early blog posts. When I moved to San Francisco and founded startups, I blogged about how I was making money on the internet.

Thousand Faces Club: What made you start The Hustle?

Sam: I didn't start with The Hustle; I started Hustle Con, a conference inspired by TED Talks. I loved TED, but I was too poor to attend them, so Hustle Con was a way to discover and meet new people. To make the conference popular, I started blogging about it on The Hustle. I wrote about the speakers, and some posts fetched about 3,000 views in a day. The conference turned into a media company in no time.

Thousand Faces Club: That's amazing! Who'd you call your major inspirations?

Sam: Do you know Laird Hamilton? He's a blonde hair surfer, and I love such explorers. Have you heard of Lewis and Clark? They were explorers during the time Thomas Jefferson was America’s President. He asked the two to explore the world till the end and come back. It took them three years, and I thought they were so brave! I find Christopher Columbus fascinating too. Of course, he was an asshole but can you imagine how bold it is to get on a boat to explore?

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