I scroll down to watch the earliest videos of Harsha Sai, an influencer and content creator whose content largely revolves around philanthropy. Just like MrBeast’s. While Harsha’s earlier content was a mixed bag of random things, gyaan, and experiments, his altruistic content began with one video: buying a kid his dream toys. After that, his content pretty much is about fulfilling someone’s dream — turning a barber into a millionaire, launching a free petrol bunk, etc.

Now, I’m not saying these acts have ulterior motives or wondering where he’s getting all this money from..because an act of goodness is first questioned. That’s how we’re wired, and if we’re being true to ourselves — content like this sparks the curiosity to understand their psyche and why they’re keen to be charitable.

But, of course, most creators’ revenue also allows them to be so! MrBeast didn’t start with altruistic content — instead, it was pretty random in the beginning, and understandably so. He was only 13 when he began his YouTube journey. In a few years, he took it on himself to plant trees, donate toys, and host giveaways. If there’s one thing that binds Harsha and MrBeast, it’s the act of challenging the users in exchange for gifts or money — both were given even if conditions or challenges weren’t completely fulfilled.

Just last week, MrBeast’s much-awaited chocolate factory was built and his followers could win either Teslas or feature in one of his videos. This is addictive, I’m not gonna lie!

Internet Coming Together

Let’s talk about Teamtrees that Mark Rober & MrBeast have been spearheading and it has raised about $22 million to plant 22 million trees.

Bringing together the whole of the internet, social causes, NGOs, and creators like Linus Sebastian of Linus Tech Tips, Brody Animates, Alan Becker, Try Guys, Marques Brownlee, etc. This initiative raised funds from Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, Marc Benioff, Alan Walker, and Marshmello. Teamtrees has already planted 17 out of 22 million trees across six continents.

Political commentator and Twitch streamer Hasan Piker (HasanAbi) raised over $152K for Ukraine while streaming and also donated each time he died during Elden Ring.

PewDiePie also actively donates and runs fundraising campaigns in his videos. In fact, he wrote, “In 2020 and 2021, through membership revenue – which I vouched to donate to charity – we were able to donate the total of $1,520,003 for various amazing charities,” to his community. This update also included which charities he donated to. These are a very few instances of the internet coming together for a good cause.

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The Morality in Question

The comments sections of these updates are usually on fire! With fans lauding their favourite creator’s acts of kindness to some questioning the act. 👇🏼

And there’s more. 👇🏼

The internet is rarely forgiving — whether it’s a terrible hot take or an opinion, creators who say things out of the line indeed face the music. Their heroic acts of kindness are inevitably questioned. But when the community believes in its creator, the baton is passed. The responsibility of paying forward is extended just like how the followers of pop stars and actors do. For instance, BTS Army and allies have raised funding for Assam flood relief, COVID relief, food banks, and wildlife. They’ve even adopted a national park.

One thing’s for sure — when you read news like this, you understand how solid the fandom and stan culture is. But for an average internet user, philanthropic content is as compelling as it can get because as a human race, we all love watching the progress of people. Rags to riches stories are the cornerstones of most storytelling pieces, and that’s figuratively why such content works. Luckily in a good way!

What are your thoughts?
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