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You joined us right in time — this is our 50th edition of Going Solo. Do you ever feel time flies when you do what you love to do? We're quite sure most creators feel that way — even when the going gets tough.

Today’s Going Solo is a celebration of creators & creativity. 🎊

Let's go through 👇

  • Henri Matisse on creativity
  • Discover a new creator: Talk Easy Pod
  • Twitch’s plans for 2023
  • 12 low-lift resolutions to try if you need a do-over

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Henri Matisse on Creativity

Henri Matisse’s paintings have inspired generations of artists — and they still do. We guess that’s the true sign of a timeless artist! What Henri said about creative folks holds true in so many ways — on days we feel down, this serves as a reminder. 👇

Discover a New Creator: Talk Easy Pod

Sam Fragoso’s Talk Easy Pod really opens your heart to something!

It’s not every day you stumble upon podcasts that bring intimately immersive stories from filmmakers, storytellers, and artists. And Talk Easy Pod is one of them.

These conversations aren’t for everyone — and certainly not something you binge-listen! Every episode is a food for thought and leaves you thinking. If you’ve been looking for podcasts that offer a slice of life, and stories of ups and downs in a creator’s life, you must check Talk Easy Pod. This podcast drops a new episode every Sunday.

Check out this episode. 👇

Twitch Intends to Make 2023 a Creators’ Year

And it shows in all its initiatives. 🔥

Twitch is all set to launch a slew of features in the next 6 months to help its streamers maximize their revenue generation mediums. According to Tubefilter, “Several product launches are designed to open up new revenue streams for creators. A feature called Sound Bites  will let paying viewers interact with streamers. Twitch will also work with a few partners to test sponsorship improvements, such as branded channel skins and clickable graphics.”

Prioritising the community, Twitch plans to add channel milestones and cross-streaming opportunities. Check out more details on Twitch’s official blog post.

Twitch Blog | 2023: An Open Letter from Our Chief Product Officer and Chief Monetization Officer
Hello, Twitch! My name is Tom Verrilli, and I’m the Chief Product Officer here at Twitch. My co-author today is Mike Minton, Chief Monetization Officer at Twitch. It’s the start of a new year, and ...

12 Low-Lift Resolutions to Try If You Need a Do-Over

From taking breaks to strengthening bonds with our loves ones — as creators, we need plenty to fuel our minds.

These 12 pieces are the ultimate pick-me-ups for any creative mind..okay, maybe not all the 12, but at least 10 of them are solid advices.

12 Low-Lift Resolutions to Try If You Need a Do-Over
From simply reframing the way you divide up your day to improving the way you brush your teeth, get inspired by these habits and resolutions that require minimal effort to maintain—and are worth starting anytime.

🔥 What Else Is Brewing?

  • Colin & Samir have launched a new podcast called Creator Support to help creators understand the business of being a creator. Check it out here.
  • Verified tweet views? What’s that? Apparently that’s how Twitter prefers calling its tweet view counter. Grab more deets here.
  • Did you know you could get newsletter subscribers through The Sample? Yup, this platform accepts newsletter submissions and forwards them to readers similar to your target audience. They do paid ads too! Check out The Sample here.

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