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We've spent our week reading Elena Ferrante and Hiromi Kawakami. You know how there are writer who can slow you down and take you back in time? It's these two.

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  • Advice of the week: Julia Child on making an impact
  • News that caught our eye: TikTokers with 10K followers can publish premium videos
  • Discover a new creator: Romane Nouri
  • Wholesome story to read: 81-year-old TikToker spreads joy

Julia Child on Making An Impact

Books were written, movies and documentaries were made on legendary writer, cook, and TV personality Julia Child. Known for introducing the French cuisine to the Americans — Julia didn’t start out as a cook. She dabbled in various professions, including fashion writing and reporting before she found her calling.

Something that she said about how one can influence people stayed with us. 👇

🍿 Psst. for those interested (and haven’t watched yet), Meryl Streep played Julia’s role in Julie & Julia, streaming on Netflix.

Got 10K Followers on TikTok? You Can Now Publish Content Behind a Paywall

Do you think you'll make more money? 💰

TikTok's new feature — Series — allows creators with 10K followers to introduce premium content and put them behind a paywall. According to Tubefilter, “A single Series can include up to 80 videos. Users can set custom prices for their paywalled content, ranging from $1 per Series up to $190.”

TikTok has been encouraging long-form content and creator payouts, so this looks like a solid way to support creator community — especially nano creators.

Read more about it. 👇


You Must Follow Romane Nouri for Tips on Passive Income

Producing digital products that you want to sell like hot cakes?

Looks like there's a creator who can help you do just that. 🔥

Romane✨ Passive Income Expert on Instagram: ”👉 How to start digital products with no audience There is this HUGE misconception that you need an audience to get started with digital products… Well you don’t, because you can learn how to grow your audience super quickly (and lucky you that’s what I teach 😎😜) for digital products! Many Digital Products Experts, recommend to sell digital products on Etsy only because they don’t know how to make you grow an audience - and that’s ok - but Etsy is definitely NOT the best way to scale a digital product business 😉 If you are looking to make passive income on repeat with digital products, I teach you the exact step by step in my masterclass in bio 🔗 - Go save your seat ↗️↗️↗️ #digitalproducts #digitalproduct #sidehustleideas #sidehustleideasforanyone #digitalproductdesign #passiveincome #passiveincomestream #passiveincomeonline #passiveincomeideas #passiveincomestreams #passiveincomeguru #passiveincomeforbeginners #makemoneyfromyourphone #makemoneydaily #makemoneyonlinenow #makemoneywhileyousleep”
June 4, 2023 - 43 likes, 14 comments - Romane✨ Passive Income Expert (@romanenouri) on Instagram: ”👉 How to start digital products with no audience There is this HUGE misconception that you ne...”

Romane Nouri is a passive income expert who teaches creators how to sell their digital products — but more importantly she covers topics such as 'Starting Digital Products without Audience', 'Making Extra Dollars Every Month', 'How to Be Financial Independent'.

Basically if you're a beginner creator, you can learn a lot about financial literacy from Romane. She also offers a free masterclass that you can check out here. 👇

The Digital Product Era - Waitlist

81-Year-Old TikToker's Content Is So Wholesome

Ever since we read this story on Now This, we've been grinning ear to ear. 😸

Kenneth Jary, known as @PatrioticKenny on TikTok, has about 2.6M followers. Kenneth is a Navy Veteran who manages his TikTok account with the help of his neighbor. Thanks to TikTok, he now connects with other veterans and fosters a thriving community.

If there's one thing you should read on the internet today, let it be this. 👇

81-Year-Old Veteran Spreads Joy on TikTok
Kenny Jary is overjoyed by the gifts he’s received from his TikTok community, including a brand-new mobility scooter.

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