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Do you know we're hosting a two-day virtual event UniCon where we intend to bring creators, creator economy businesses, brands and influencer marketers to one stage?

From panel sessions that discuss the importance of monetization to booths where you can interact with creator economy brands — there's plenty brewing at UniCon.

While it's a FREE event, we only have limited registrations. So hurry up, and register. 👇

UniCon - A Summit for Creators
UniCon endeavors to celebrate creators UniCon is an annual convention for global creators, influencer marketers & creator economy brands.

And on that note, let's go through our weekly round-up of updates.

In today's Going Solo

  • Advice of the week: Haruki Murakami on creating
  • Discover a new creator: Max Read
  • News that caught our eye: Twitter First Ad Revenue
  • Stuff worth watching: This AI tool saves your time by Think Media

Haruki Murakami on Creating

Japanese writer Haruki Murakami’s writing often transports us to a surreal world where we’re talking to cats and clouds. For those familiar with his writing, you already know discovering inspiration comes along discovering music — along with them comes savouring moments of nothingness.

A particular line from his book Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman is apt for those days when we’re unable to create. 👇

Sometimes it's nothingness leads us somewhere. 🚶

Discover a New Creator: Max Read

Max Read is an award-winning journalist who writes a weekly newsletter called ‘Read Max’ on Substack. His takes on the internet, the future of the internet, and the digital economy are immersive..but also funny.

From writing on how to quit Twitter to having a career as a journalist in 2022, his topics are useful for most creators. You’ll also find him writing on web3 and internet culture, so if you’re looking to read stuff that’s opinionated, amusing, and informative, it’s got to be this.

While many posts are free, you can also sign up for his paid newsletter that covers his favourite reads too.

Check out his newsletter. 👇

Read Max | Max Read | Substack
Explaining the weird new future, one newsletter at a time. Subscribe for a twice weekly delivery of internet culture, mega-platform grotesquerie, crypto conspiracies, deep forum lore, fringe politics, and other artifacts of what’s to come. Click to read Read Max, by Max Read, a Substack publication…

Twitter Ad Revenue Coming Through?

Oh, yes!

Earlier this year, Twitter or Elon Musk announced Twitter will pay verified creators for ads running in their replies. The only rule being the calculation includes ads served to verified users count.

But things are changing. Twitter Daily News shared that Twitter will require “5M+ Tweet impressions in each month for the last 3 months" to be eligible for Ad Revenue sharing.

Read the entire Tweet here.

What does this mean?

For one thing, fetching a consistent engagement of 5M+ monthly for three months won't be a cakewalk. Social Media Today says, “It’s impossible to calculate, at this stage, what exactly users could expect to earn from the program, but it could see the top creators in the app making a significant income - which might also be the initial aim, in having these big users share their revenue share success in the app, which would then inspire more users to aim for these higher engagement thresholds, in order to get their own piece of the pie. Though that, in itself, could be fraught with danger.”

What does this mean for smaller or nano creators? Can they monetize?

This AI Tool Cuts Editing Time in Half by Think Media

So cool!

Think Media just reviewed this AI tool called Glink, an AI tool that helps creators edit their videos, and guess what? It's super fast.

Watch the review. 👇

Do you think we should give this a shot and make a review Reel? Let us know. 👇

🔥 Brewing Hot

  • Karat Financial, a fintech startup for creators, raises $70 million Series B, and Forbes reports that Karat intends to use this capital to be a one-stop-shop for creators’ financial needs. Read the full report here.
  • Reddit's most-loved r/place — the digital art project is back, but only after a delay. Can this bring back Reddit's community back? Only time will tell. Check it out here.

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