So much content on the internet, and yet we find ourselves going back to consume or re-watch our favourite creators.

Starting this month, we've decided to throw a spotlight on 5 creators who's content we can't get enough of. 👇

Go 4x4 on YouTube

There are travel videos, and then, there are travel videos that Go 4x4 — an Australian YouTube channel does. With about 1.25M subscribers, this channel is all about the sights and sounds of the nature. Words are seldom used, and you’ll find people traveling, camping, and indulging in outdoor barbecues. 🍗

Go 4X4 offers membership on Patreon that include exclusive access to community, chat, and content. Check out one of their ASMR videos and get psyched! 🔥

Fluently Forward for Content from the Lens of a Millennial

It’s 2023, so obviously we rarely see blogs or podcasts that discuss celebrity gossip or entertainment news. At least not from the lens of a millennial creator, but Shannon McNamara is here to change that.

This 28-year-old creator from Manhattan has about 17.9K Instagram followers, but most of her stuff goes out on Substack and her podcast. She writes a great deal of satire on relationships, skincare, and New York City.

Interested in checking out this new creator? Head over to her podcast right away.

If you’re keen to read her work (it’s good fun), check out her website here.

FluentlyForward Newsletter | Shannon McNamara | Substack
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Have You Heard of Miss Excel?

Kat or Miss Excel has simplified Ms Excel for many. She is quite popular on Instagram and TikTok and has been covered by Bloomberg, Forbes, Insider, etc. Kat has trained about 1M+ users, and her Reels on topics like Pivot Table formatting tips or using Excel’s split screen feature make her content relatable and useful.

From offering free classes from time and again to immersive courses like Complete Microsoft Office Suite, Ultimate Excel Bundle and more — Kat has pretty much become a household name. And for a reason.

And recently, she has launched a free newsletter where she intends to curate her favourite links on the internet, advice on productivity and career along with tips and how-tos on Ms Office. Sounds like something you need right now? Subscribe here. 👇🏼

Miss Excel’s Newsletter

The Untravel Show for Meaningful Travel Experiences

If we're being honest, social media has made way for thousands of travel bloggers, and most of them resemble each other. It’s the same tried-and-tested strategy: great thumbnails, gorgeous locations, to-do lists. But hardly ever do they nail the aspect of storytelling.

And you know what we say — it’s good stories that make the world go round. 🌎

Abhishek Vaid’s The Untravel Show isn’t your regular cookie-cutter travel channel. Having quit his corporate job in his 30s, Abhishek took to travel filmmaking, and what makes his videos phenomenal is his storytelling.

While his writing is quite killer, he also brings out immersive stories on towns and people that keep you hooked to the channel. Whether it’s Kashmir or Kerala — you’ll find him ‘living the life’ with locals, exploring the less trodden paths, and bringing out some hidden gems.

If you haven’t checked out this channel yet, here’s a good reason to do it now.

Discover a New Creator: Namrata Kumar

When we first discovered Namrata Kumar on Instagram, we instantly fell in love with her art. An artist and graphic designer whose art is largely inspired by the surroundings, her paintings are about sprawling fields, lively humans enjoying a slice of life, and spaces with books and sunlight streaming in.

N A M R A T A K U M A R on Instagram: “The Herbal Healer Of Trivandrum My take on a beautiful image shot by photographer @bhoopadam , whose work I truly love. Here’s a little bit about the image depicted in Nabina’s words- People call her Amma, a herbal healer, who leaves inside the forest alone. This is her commute through the forest. Her full name is Lakshmi Kutty, but I like to call her amma, like everyone in the forest and around.She was honoured with Padma Shree few years back.#namratakumarart”
1,779 likes, 26 comments - N A M R A T A K U M A R ( on Instagram: “The Herbal Healer Of Trivandrum My take on a beautiful image shot by photographer @bhoopadam , w...”

If there's one artist you must check out today, let it be her.

And oh, she also has an online store you can shop prints and tote bags from!

Namrata Kumar’s Store

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