The peak holiday and festival season is here — so are TikTok and Instagram shopping hauls. Do you easily get influenced by these videos? We’ve got something for you in today’s edition.

Grab a cup of coffee and go through our weekly round-up of happenings in the creator economy. ☕

In today’s Going Solo

  • Maya Angelou on doing what you love
  • Discover a new creator: Max Read
  • Nas launched a community platform
  • Gen Z loves shopping hauls. Can they ever be sustainable?

Maya Angelou on Doing What You Love

Late writer and civil rights activist Maya Angelou's books offer hope to everyone in the dark. And as creators, we all have down days and moments when nothing seems to work out.

What she said about working on what we love and pursuing it is 🔥

Discover a New Creator: Max Read

Max Read is an award-winning journalist who writes a weekly newsletter called ‘Read Max’ on Substack. His takes on the internet, the future of the internet, and the digital economy are immersive..but also funny.

From writing on how to quit Twitter to having a career as a journalist in 2022, his topics are useful for most creators. You’ll also find him writing on web3 and internet culture, so if you’re looking to read stuff that’s opinionated, amusing, and informative, it’s got to be this.

While many posts are free, you can also sign up for his paid newsletter that covers his favourite reads too.

Check out his newsletter here.

Nas Launched a Community Platform

Nuseir Yassin or popularly known as Nas, the creator behind Nas Daily, has launched a community platform for creators. Nas has always been keen on building for the creator economy, and his initiative ‘Nas Academy’ is a testament to it. With great creator accelerator programs and communities, the academy was doing more than its fair bit.

Enter! 🚀

We all realise the importance of community building for both creators and brands, and with, creators and businesses can seamlessly launch their online communities. The product allows video and chat integrations, meaning you can live stream with your communities, build, and engage from the same platform. Creators like ZenAcademy, Guardian Link, YGG community are already on the platform.

Check it out here.

Gen Z Loves Shopping Hauls. Can They Ever Be Sustainable?

Sorry, but this is no million-dollar question, and we all know the answer. It’s not sustainable, but let’s be honest — we all indulge in the occasional retail therapy. 🛍️

But with TikTok and Instagram hauls, this has gone beyond mere indulgence. Fast fashion brands like Shein, Urbanic, Zara, etc., are flourishing more than ever. They do have to thank the influencers, fo sho.

The internet has definitely fuelled our shopping habits, and that’s exactly why you should read this piece by Lucy Maguire for Vogue Business. 👇🏼

Gen Z Loves Shopping Hauls. Can They Ever Be Sustainable?

🔥 What Else is Brewing in the Creator Economy?

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