If you work in influencer marketing, you would have heard of Jessy Grossman, the founder of Women In Influencer Marketing. ✨

Women In Influencer Marketing (WIIM) is an exclusive community for women working in influencer marketing. Jessy also hosts a podcast with the same name.

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But, First: Who's Jessy Grossman?

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Thousand Faces Club: How significant is the role of women in shaping the future of influencer marketing?

Jessy: So significant and for so many reasons! One of the reasons why I was so excited to get into influencer marketing in the first place years ago was because it's unique that it's predominantly women in this space. That's quite unusual because other industries are male-dominated; this was years ago, and it's still female-dominated from all sides — creators and influencer marketers. Because we're in this unique space where it's largely female-dominated, if we want it to continue and set the next generation of women for success, we should be mindful. It takes a lot of intention, but I think partnership and women working together can absolutely do that.

Jessy Grossman on LinkedIn: As I’m on a very short work trip to DC, it’s making me think about the…
As I’m on a very short work trip to DC, it’s making me think about the impact I make with my work. Sure I impact the hundreds of women who are part of WIIM…

Thousand Faces Club: Right! Despite being female-dominant, why is there a lack of support?

Jessy: Yeah, pay inequality and unregulated industry contribute to the concerns. There are no unions or regulations, and the lack of awareness and education doesn't help either. Several influencers undercharge for their worth and content. I've had these conversations with people behind brands — some take a stance and say they act in the brand's best interest. But if more people pay fairly, it makes a lot of difference and helps influencers realize their worth. And if more people look at the bigger picture in terms of pay equality, it'll go a long way.

Thousand Faces Club: Do you also cover monetization opportunities at WIIM?

Jessy: Absolutely, that's part of the ethos we've built at WIIM. Very few branded partnerships at WIIM are unpaid. Within our huge community, talent managers are the largest community. They always look for the best opportunities for their talent. Women at WIIM aren't new to influencer marketing and usually work at Fortune 500s, so about 95% of deals that go through us are paid. Conversations around monetization are also plentiful!

Thousand Faces Club: Can you share your revenue streams?

Jessy: Sure, I have two businesses; I have a consultancy where I consult on all things influencer marketing in different capacities, for instance, compensation banding, strategy, and coaching. I also recruit influencer marketers for brands. And then, there's WIIM, which offers diverse tiers of memberships. Plus, I do events, and we also get sponsorships from corporates and brands.

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